Greene/Greene inspired entry table

It has been a while since I last posted.  Thought I’d post some pics of my lasted project, an entry table.  It will be functional for the space where it’s going.  I tried to make top seem as if it were floating with a Greene and Greene style.  I’ve seen a similar table, but I drew this up on sketchup.

It’ll match a desk I’ve been working on.

It was also a chance to use a new toy.  I just got a Festool Domino XL.  Worked wonderfully.

Since I was going to use loose tenons, I cut the planed and joined pieces to length.  I used hard curly maple for the top and QS white oak everywhere else.  I had to hand plane the top first.  It was too wide for my 8″ joiner.

I tapered the front/back legs at table saw.

I rough cut the cloud lift features at bandsaw and sanded to get one piece which then became a template for the others.  I then used a flush trim router bit with double-sided tape to duplicate the pieces.

Afterwards, I rounded over all the edges and sanded before assembly.

Then came the loose tenons.  I used the Domino, which was awesome.  I have to say I did get good service from Bob Marino which is where I bought the domino online.

It is well-balanced and precise.  I sold a couple of tools I hadn’t used in a long while to help offset some of the cost.

Anyway, glued up and did some final sanding.

I made a fuming box with some 1×2 and covered it with plastic drop “cloth”.  Then, I placed concentrated ammonia (with protective gloves, eyewear, etc) in the fume box at a temp of approx 55 Fahrenheit for about 48 hours.

Still have to put a protective top coat, but am thinking about what to use.  Hope it finishes well.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers!