Radial Arm/Miter Station

Decided where to place the miter saw So, started making cabinets which will be level with miter saw and radial arm saw.  I had seen an episode of NYW a few years back and Norm had made workshop cabinets pretty much the same way.

IMG_20151113_182547107Took a sheet of plywood and ripped to height and then cross cut with circular saw.  I ripped the remaining portion of the sheet into 4 strips.

IMG_20151113_182901113 IMG_20151113_222413310I cut notches for the plywood strips with a jig saw in the two center pieces, and used my dado blade to make rabbets in top, back and bottom of the two end pieces.

IMG_20151113_223649071 IMG_20151114_140417472-2After attaching the strips to the center pieces and then the ends with glue and screws, I leveled, shimmed and attached the unit to the wall.  I had to cut out for my dust collector pipes.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812 IMG_0813Took 2x4s and mad half-lap joints for a counter base and attached that the top.  Then cut and scribed a piece of construction plywood to the top of that, and did the same with a piece of tempered hardboard.  Next step will be to make platforms on both sides for each saw and trim it out.


Had to call it quits for the day.  Had a honey-do list to work on as well.


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