Radial Arm/Miter Station 2

Well, I did some work on the radial arm/miter station the past couple days.  After thinking about the dust collection, I contemplated a dust hood, but opted for a down draft area.  I’ll do some sanding there anyways.  I cut a channel in the cabinets and lined it with hardboard…then, sealed it with some aluminum tape. I only use my radial arm occasionally and am going to just hook up a shop vac when I need it.

I made the same half-lap frame as before then topped that with the construction grade plywood, and then a sheet of hardboard.

I used a pegboard as a template and drilled holes along the course of the channel.  Then, pulled it up and drilled larger holes in the plywood.

Then, I installed both the radial arm and miter saw and adjusted them to be level with the support area.  Still have to order the drawer hardware and  make the drawers.  But that’s for another day.



Radial Arm/Miter Station

Decided where to place the miter saw So, started making cabinets which will be level with miter saw and radial arm saw.  I had seen an episode of NYW a few years back and Norm had made workshop cabinets pretty much the same way.

IMG_20151113_182547107Took a sheet of plywood and ripped to height and then cross cut with circular saw.  I ripped the remaining portion of the sheet into 4 strips.

IMG_20151113_182901113 IMG_20151113_222413310I cut notches for the plywood strips with a jig saw in the two center pieces, and used my dado blade to make rabbets in top, back and bottom of the two end pieces.

IMG_20151113_223649071 IMG_20151114_140417472-2After attaching the strips to the center pieces and then the ends with glue and screws, I leveled, shimmed and attached the unit to the wall.  I had to cut out for my dust collector pipes.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812 IMG_0813Took 2x4s and mad half-lap joints for a counter base and attached that the top.  Then cut and scribed a piece of construction plywood to the top of that, and did the same with a piece of tempered hardboard.  Next step will be to make platforms on both sides for each saw and trim it out.


Had to call it quits for the day.  Had a honey-do list to work on as well.


Back to the Shop


After over 1 1/2 years, building the house addition, a pergola,  a new shop, and many other house projects, I’m ready to get back to making some furniture.  First project from the new shop is going to be 3 cherry blanket chests.  I plan to repay two generous friends for some cherry logs.  I’m involving my kids on the chests and hopefully they will learn and come to enjoy woodworking as much as I do.  Below is a pic of some of the wood we are milling up.