Not productive, but fun woodworking day

ImageAny trip to the lumberyard is a good time.  It feels like a place of possibilities.  All that wood just waiting to be planed and shaped into a piece of furniture, except for those unlucky scraps that get tossed in the burn pile.  

Anyway, I picked up about 200 BF of QS white oak for the kitchen remodel.  Took just under 3 hrs travel and pick up time.  I’m trying to keep track of cost for this project.  So with tax, the wood came to $3.31 a BF.  I’ll probably need only 75 BF or so for the face frames, and doors.  

Also got a new bandsaw blade in the mail yesterday to help with the resawing for the panels.  It’s a 1 1/2 in carbide tipped beauty.  It should last several years.  


Was a bit of a challenge to install the blade though.  It’s the largest my bandsaw will take.  Jet’s design for this one was a little lacking.  But, I took off the lower guide and was able to get it on.  


Hope it works well.  I have never had good luck when resawing, but I’m optimistic with the new blade.  We’ll see.  


Kitchen Remodel 2

Well, I’ve been working on the boxes for the kitchen cabinets.  

Few dadoes here, a rabbet there, a little wood glue, brads and voila. I only have to do 2 more base cabinets.   So, making some progress.   I plan on using plastic adjustable legs for the bottoms of most of the cabinets, except for the pantry cupboard.  Used them last time and they seemed to work well. 

I used dado set on table saw and on radial arm to make most of dadoes, and router with straight edge for a couple.  


Also, I’m going to pick up about some QS white oak to face them and make the doors.  The weatherman predicted snow here today, and I put that trip off until Friday.