Kitchen Remodel

I started remodeling our kitchen.  

We moved into our house about 5 years ago.  It has taken that long for the sting of fixing up and then selling our last place to subside.  Like alot of you, we are fans of the Art’s and Craft’s style and I had made cabinets there….then we sold the place.  Here are a few pics.
Old house kitchen
Pal kitchen 1

I’ve focused most of my efforts to make furniture that is “portable” after that experience.  

Time passes and then we’re at it again.  Our present kitchen has cherry cabinets which are nice enough, just not our style.  I’ll probably recycle and use the cabinets in the basement or the shop.


So, I bought 8 sheets of good plywood ($57 a sheet on sale) and also invested in a computer program–cutlistplus.  After using this program for the first use, it seems to be well worth the $90.  You can input all the part dimensions and it’ll give the best plywood layout.


The other nice thing about this program is that you can print out labels, which really helped keep track of everything.  Made one mistake though and miscut one piece, but wasn’t too bad.  I ended up using 6 1/2 sheets.  


Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the cutting program.  It’ll also let me input my inventory which is stored (not ideally) in 3 barns.  Planning on putting the info into the inventory over the next couple months.  The cut-offs were down to a minimum.  




I put together one of the cabinet carcasses. I’ll post some pics of them tomorrow.